PCSO Lotto Results

PCSO Lotto Results (Daily Draws)

Playing lotto can be a matter of charity today in case you feel bad about playing lottery games. PCSO lotto is one of the most popular charity lotto game in Philippine. The Philippine charity sweepstakes office is a major agency which raises and provides funds for national charities, medical aids, and health programs. Apart from lotteries they also conduct charity races, sweepstakes for the welfare investments. PCSO Lotto Schedule can be accessed online easily where one can check results instantly.  The lottery and sweepstakes are the main products of the government agency and popular among the lotto players.

PCSO Lotto Results

PCSO Lotto Results Daily 

PCSO Popular Games

The sweepstakes games have been evolved a lot and many interesting elements have been added to it to attract more players and to raise more funds. Players get a lot of variety as many of the game types have been introduced. The best part it is very easy to get the Lotto Result 649 and other lotto results online. The PCSO includes

  • Five 6-pick number games
  • SuperLotto 6/49
  • Lotto 6/42
  • Mega lotto 6/45
  • GrandLotto 6/55
  • Ultra lotto 6/58

These are the different number of games which are played using a system play, lucky pick, and 5 rolls.  You can check the

PCSO Results Drawn

PCSO Lotto Result Today (daily draws)

  • Lotto 6/42 draw on Saturday/Thursday/Tuesday ( jackpot of Php 6,000,000.00)
  • Mega Lotto is drawn on Fridays/Wednesday/Mondays (jackpot prize Php 9,000,000.00)
  • SuperLotto drew on Sundays/Thursdays/Tuesdays (jackpot prize Php 16,000,000.00)
  • GrandLotto 6/55 drawn on Saturday/Wednesday/Monday (jackpot prize Php 50,000,000.00)

There are other 6D, 4D, EZ2, Suerters lotto games conducted by the agency Php.12.00/play drawn on Saturdays/Thursdays/Tuesday and the guaranteed amount is Php 150,000.00/12-peso play.

There is a number of games and pretty money which one can win playing Pcso Lotto Games. PCSO Lotto Schedule is mentioned above so make sure you do not forget to check the results if you have Pcso lotto ticket with you. It is easy to get results online from the official website of PCSO where you can search for the lotto draw results by date, schedule of the draws and races and also go for live streaming.  You can also check for today's national draws easily. There are a few sets of instructions that you need to follow. You just need to set the draw date on the website and select the lotto game, for example, February 18, 2019, to February 212019 6D or  Swertres Lotto Results in Today and click on the search lotto. You will instantly get the results.

All the PCSO lotto games are fast and fun to play and this is the reason that millions of Philippines are indulging in PCSO lotto games and also winning prize money.  Another good reason to indulge in the Philippines lotto games is that the agency is engaged indifferent and many developments and welfare programs that raise the quality of the life of people living there.  Games are easy to play and you can win a jackpot every day after checking out PCSO Lotto Result Today (daily draws).  You can buy a lotto ticket every day, look for daily draws and raise the chance of winning a jackpot. The best part jackpot money for each of the PCSO lotto is really huge and tempting. Do not forget to check the schedule so that you don’t miss your prize money.

PCSO Lotto Results Today


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