The amount of ground a JCB backhoe can cover on a single litre of fuel is indicated by the machine's mileage per litre (MPL). A backhoe's fuel efficiency increases with its MPL.

According to the type, the load being carried, and the terrain, a JCB backhoe's exact MPL can change. JCB backhoes are often built to be fuel-efficient and have a strong MPL.

To give you an idea of how fuel-efficient JCB backhoes are, the company's 3CX Compact backhoe, for instance, has an MPL of roughly 7.5 kilometres per litre during normal operating conditions. Averaging about 6 kilometres per litre, the bigger 4CX model has an MPL.

JCB Mileage Per Liter

It's important to remember that these numbers are merely estimates and could change based on the particular operating circumstances. The manufacturer's specs or speaking with a JCB dealer are the best sources for more precise information on the MPL of a certain JCB backhoe model.

Jcb Ka Mileage


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