You have a question is "Is SupperBottoms UNO the same as Basic". Answer is No..

With Superbottoms, you can choose between two cloth diaper types: Basic and Uno.

Pocket diapers, such as Superbottoms Basic, have an inner fabric layer that forms a pocket for inserts. The insert is made of absorbent material, which is able to absorb and contain moisture. Soft inner layer keeps baby's skin gentle, while the waterproof outer layer keeps leaks at bay. A snap or velcro closure can be adjusted to fit different sizes.

superbottoms basic vs uno

It is impossible to remove the absorbent insert from all-in-one diapers like Superbottoms Uno. A large quantity of moisture is absorbed by the insert, which is made of several layers of absorbent material. Soft inner layers and waterproof outer layers contact the baby's skin in the all-in-one diaper. It can be adjusted to fit different sizes and fastened with snaps or Velcro.

In Superbottoms Uno, the absorbent insert is attached differently than in Superbottoms Basic. A Basic diaper is one that can be removed and placed inside pockets. An Uno diaper has inserts that are stitched into the diaper and is known as a Uno diaper. These characteristics are shared by both types of diapers - adaptability, waterproofness, and reusability.

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